We do our best to space out the rounds to no more than one a month and to mix one and two day events at three different tracks. Entry to all series events is via the http://www.motorsportentry.com/ website.

The season concludes with our annual awards dinner – free to paid up entrants and also open to paying guests.

The ERC Series will still be be two grids for most of the season with the exception of the January rounds. At the Hampton Downs Porsche Festival January 2016, we will have one combined grid each weekend.

SEASON 2017/2018

ERC Rounds are numbered. Other important dates are listed for information only. A maximum of 7 with the best 5 weekend scores to count.

Last round normally double points

30 Sept/1 Oct HRC Icebreaker, HD Nat
14 Oct (Sat) TACCOC Classic, HD Nat
26 Nov (Sun) HRSSC Picnic, HD Club (non-points)
10 Dec (Sun) TACCOC Xmas at the Downs, HD Nat
6/7 Jan HRC Tasman Taupo
20/21 Jan HRC Tasman Hampton Downs, HD
24/25 Feb HRC Tasman Pukekohe
17/18 Mar HRC Legends of Speed, HD Nat
9 June ERC Annual awards dinner, Remuera Cub

РUpdated July 2017