Season 29’s points summary. Click on the link below (Excel)

29 Points summary

A few hiccups with the weather meant that two meetings were affected, but hopefully, the spirit of the Series was enough to overcome any perceived unfairness, but if there is only one race instead of two. the options are somewhat limited.

The December TACCOC meeting was delayed for two hours and Series Co-ordinators were warned that maybe the programme wouldn’t be completed so a decision was made and agreed to award all competitors equal points.

However, Awards are as follows:

1 John Tomlin Ford Trophy – First Time winner – 609 Dennis McConnell
2 Sutherland BMW Trophy – Third Time winner 613 John Hudson
3 French (No physical trophy!) – 662 Francois Cronje
4 TOPS Alfa Trophy – Fourth time winner – 720 Chris Browne
5 TOPS Jaguar Trophy – Fifth Consecutive year winner – 727 Derek Moore
6 Jason Nicholl Porsche Trophy – First Time winner – 728 Paul Madeley
7 Italian First Time 753 John Honore
8 TOPS MG Fourth time 760 Dave Mallin
9 Datsun Z Fifth Consecutive 783 Ricky Cooper
10 German (No Physical trophy) 783 Paul Chisolm

The original series trophy for BMC 4 Cylinder cars – now the Jim Chrystall Memorial Trophy – first won by Gerald Fogg.
11 BMC Second Time 785 John Palmer (MGB)

12 Top Saloon (was Tracer) First Time 805 Ivan Selak (Ford Escort)

13 Arrow Wheels Grp 1 Second Time 827 Grant Kern (MGB V8)

14 AES Grp 2 First Time 790 Brian Yates (Porsche 924)

However, the top award is the Convenor’s Trophy, awarded for sportsmanship and to someone who epitomises what we stand for.

It is for someone who probably deserved one of the other awards but is not an overall major award winner. But the series would be much worse off without them. All the previous recipients of this award are what makes the series so special.
This is for sportsmanship and even for always getting entries in on time and causing organisers and even me, no trouble at all. A regular attender at most meetings is a must and this recipient is probably long overdue for this award.

Over the years, he has also organised our stand at the Ellerslie Classic Car Show.

15 Most Sporting (was Madgwick) First Time 725 John Munro (Jaguar XJ6)

There were other less serious awards – but you’d have to be at the awards dinner to enjoy those.